What is Longrich?

LONGRICH Bioscience International is a manufacturing company in China with over 34years in business, with 8 research plants in America, Japan, France, China and one currently under construction in Lekki Trade Free Zone, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

It’s a global brand that manufactures over 2000 Lines of products. *Cosmetic, Daily household products,* *Health care Products* etc They are also into Furniture, Real Estate and Logistics.

LONGRICH also produces under OEM (Original equipment manufactures) and ODM (Original design manufactures) for companies which includes GSK Adidas, Samsung, Tesco, Walmart, Avon etc.

The Multi Level Marketing aspect of Longrich Bioscience has worked its way up to being ranked as one of the best MLM in Nigeria for 7 consecutive years with Global impact in other continents of the World.

I will show you Longrich products in the next content.
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