10 Basic Child’s Rights you should know

A child is unique individual, he or she is not a miniature adult, not a little man or woman. A child is any human being below the age of eighteen years.
Children’s rights are human rights. They protect the child as a human being. As human rights, children’s rights are constituted by fundamental guarantees and essential human rights.
Children’s rights were recognised after the 1st World war, with the adoption of the Declaration of Geneva, in 1924. The process of recognition of children’s rights continued thanks to the UN, with the adoption of the Declaration of children’s rights in 1959.
The recognition of the child’s interest and his rights become real on 20 November 1989 with the adoption of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child which is the first international legally binding text recognizing all the fundamental rights of the child.
♦️ Right to develop in an atmosphere of affection, security and protection against all forms of neglect, cruelty, exploitation and traffic.

♦️ Right to enjoy the benefits of social security, including nutrition, housing and medical care.

♦️ Right to a name and nationality.

♦️ Right to free education.

♦️ Right to full opportunity for play and recreation.

♦️ Right to special treatment, education and appropriate care, if handicap.

♦️ Right to be among the first to receive protection and relief in times of disaster.

♦️ Right to learn to be a useful member of society and to develop a healthy and normal manner and in condition of freedom and dignity.

♦️ Right to be brought up in a spirit of understanding, tolerance, friendship among people, peace and universal brotherhood.

♦️ Right to enjoy these rights, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national or social origin.

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Dynamic lifestyle

You are right 👍. Creating awareness is very important because many people are not aware of these

Dynamic lifestyle

You are welcome 👍

Clara Ify

Child's right is heavily abused in this part of the world. Many parents do not even know where their own rights end. This is a responsibility the govt should take up more seriously and create awareness on. Good job!


Wow, just knowing this! Thank you. 👏