A Healthy Body Holds A Healthy Soul And Mind

Approaching health with the intention to unlock the mysteries of the soul allows every conscious breath to become spiritual practice, and for dynamic health. Instead of treating symptoms alone, a holistic approach aims to treat the whole person and to uncover the origin of discomfort, which in many cases may have nothing to do with the body itself. 
The term “holistic health” emerged as doctors began to embrace the understanding that one’s state of the mind plays a role in the health of the body. To begin addressing your health holistically, you need to become clear on your current level of health. 
To Assess Your State Of Health, consider these questions, your answers will allow you to understand your unconscious desires.
♦️ Do you have any symptoms of imbalance?
♦️ Are you generally free from any digestive discomfort? 
♦️ Is your sleep restful and refreshing? 
♦️ Do you have all the energy you need to complete all that you would like to do? 
♦️ Is your mind calm and capable of sustained focus? 
♦️ Are you happy?
Good health can be contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others. Infect others with a healthy body, mind, and soul. It begins from the inside.
To Maintain Healthy Body, Soul And Mind, You Should
♦️ Eat Healthy and balance diet in their right proportion.
♦️ Exercise regularly at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday will be beneficial.
♦️ Prevention is always better than cure. Schedule regular medical and checkups to monitor the status of your health. 
♦️ Meet people, and make positive physical connections.
♦️ Appreciate nature. This has wondrous healing powers, and can instill peace even in the most disturbed minds.
♦️ Listen to Music or anything that brings you closer to feeling spiritually healthy will be beneficial for your overall health.
♦️ Keep your brain active by reading books, newsletters/magazines. Undertake new projects that encourage learning, such as a new language or a new skill.
♦️ Ensure adequate rest. This is important for our mind as well as our body, so get a good, restful night’s sleep. Avoid things that can hinder your sleep like your phone or electronic gadgets close to the bed.
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Dynamic lifestyle

No matter how busy you are, please create time to sleep. Sleep does not have substitute. If you can sleep for least 6 hours in a day, it will be good

Clara Ify

Wow! I appreciate this piece. Its very helpful. Job well done. But what if you limit hours of sleep because of work not because you can't sleep… What's the solution?

Dynamic lifestyle

Go for medical checkup to rule out underlying Health problem. It will be your baseline for care


This is great, but am not generally free from digestive comfort 😪, I hardly get hungry

Dynamic lifestyle

Yes, I love it


Thanks for this!

But, let me ask do you do yoga?