SATURDAY DIY: Best Chocolate cake recipe

Cake is a form of sweet food that is usually baked. It cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate.
♦️Flour 2cups
♦️Baking powder 4 tsp
♦️Pinch of salt
♦️Eggs 4
♦️Vanilla essence 1tsp 
♦️Milk 1cup
♦️Cooking oil 3/4 cup
♦️Cocoa powder 60ml
♦️ Mix butter and sugar together and stir until is creamy,
♦️ Set aside in a different bowl sieve the flour and add the dry ingredients 
♦️ Beat the eggs and whisk till is foamy 
♦️ Mix the eggs and butter together stir and add the dry ingredients you stir,
♦️ Add milk you stir 
♦️ Cream the cake plates with butter pour the content inside and bake for 180 degree Celsius.
♦️ Insert a toothpick in the cake if it comes out clean then your cake is ready
By Chinoso Favour Ahamefula -+2348083155903
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