SATURDAY DIY: How to Bake Homemade Bread

Nothing beats delicious, homemade bread! These soft bread rolls are so easy to make, they’re the perfect recipe for kids. If you love homemade breads, follow these simple process and do it yourself.
1. Water 1/4
2. Yeast 1tsp
3. Sugar 1tsp
4. Butter 2tsp 
5. Milk 1cup
6. Egg 1
7. Flour 4cups
8. Nutmeg 1/2
9. Oil 1/2 tsp
10. Salt 1/2tsp
♦️ In a bowl add warm water, yeast and sugar, set aside.
♦️ Melt your butter, add Milk and set aside.
♦️ Then add everything together such as egg sugar salt flour nutmeg and melted butter and stir.
♦️ Next  knead the dough for 5minutes, allow it to rest for 5minutes, knead  for 7minutes.
♦️ Pour 1tsp oil in a bowl, add the dough, add oil on it and cover it with nylon and cloth warm for 1:30minutes.
♦️ Then butter your plate, go back to the dough, knead and transfer the dough to the buttered plates warm for 1hr and bake or 350 F oven 20 minutes. 
By Chinoso Favour Ahamefula
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Dynamic lifestyle

You are welcome 🤝

Dynamic lifestyle

You are welcome 🤝

Dynamic lifestyle

Thank you 🤝

Clara Ify

Ayam copying and pasting on my kitchen wall already…thanks for the easy guide

Fortune Gabriel's blog

Had to screenshot the procedures, it's really helpful of you

Marvvy official

Nice oneee

Dynamic lifestyle

Yessss💪 Go ahead and enjoy your homemade bread 👌

Dynamic lifestyle

Amen to your prayer

Chukwu Godwin c.

I n need to try out this tomorrow,😊


My father in heaven

Send me a helper o