It is important to have plan B means of generating income.

It helps you to settle your bills and build for future (Retirement), Gives your children the life you wish for them.

If you observe well, you will know that price of everything has increased and if you are receiving the same income as before now, It will be hard for you financially.

Plan B income

I’m going to show you what you can do not only for extra income but will help you build a long-term wealth and live healthy with your family.

I joined the company because of my family esp. the kids, for extra income and healthy living.

It is amazing so far.

Some Families that have received multiple benefits

It is a business you can pass unto your children in future and you know you can’t pass your job to them

The good thing about this company is their products is something you use on daily bases. When you use and share with friends and family and they love it, you earn. To Register

Some Expenses are simply UNAVOIDABLE! Infact, they are RECURRENT! Meaning that they Happen all the time!
No mather how broke we get, we must buy them.

The GOODNEWS is that you can make lots of money from these Expenses if you Partner with them, use their products and share with others.

The company I’m taking about is Longrich bioscience international


LONGRICH Bioscience International is a manufacturing company in China with over 34years in business, with 8 research plants in America, Japan, France, China and one currently under construction in Lekki Trade Free Zone, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

LONGRICH manufactures over 2000 Lines of products. Cosmetic, Daily household products, Health care Products etc They are also into Furniture, Real Estate and Logistics.

LONGRICH also produces under OEM (Original equipment manufactures) and ODM (Original design manufactures) for companies which includes GSK Adidas, Samsung, Tesco, Walmart, Avon etc.

The Multi Level Marketing aspect of Longrich Bioscience has worked its way up to being ranked as one of the best MLM in Nigeria for 7 consecutive years with Global impact in other continents of the World.


  1. Wealth creation via Team leverage

  2. No time frame (no pressure)

  3. No compulsory monthly purchases (target)

  4. Weekly bonus payment {green thursday}

  5. Grow at ur own pace

  6. No Flushing of points. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points

  7. Leadership easily achieved.

  8. Qualify for university & Executive MBA scholarship abroad

  9. All Expense paid trips abroad

  10. Car awards yearly

  11. 25M House Award

  12. Become a director in a multinational company

  13. Total Well being

Interesting ways to earn in LONGRICH:

  1. Performance bonus
  2. Development bonus
  3. Leadership bonus
  4. Repeat order bonus
  5. Platinum VIP incentive
  6. Worldwide incentive
  7. Star director incentive
  8. Travel, Cars and House fund


  1. White-Tea Toothpaste: Natural ingredients, prevents and treats toothache, sensitivity (shock), gum problems.

  2. Panty liner: Prevents and treats vaginal infections, keeps the underwear dry and odour-free.

  3. Sanitary pads: 100% cotton, treats and prevents period pains, reduces clots, odour-free.

  4. Antiperspirant Dew (roll-on): does not block sweat pores, keeps the underarm dry, treats body odour

  5. Mouth Freshener: freshens breath, clears sore throat and cough.

  6. Bamboo Charcoal Soap: fantastic aroma, removes all dirts from skin, clears pimples, dark spots and skin blemishes.

  7. Herbal moisturizing body wash: Naturally scented, relaxes and makes the skin soft and silky.

  8. SOD Milk (Body cream): contains placenta and Vitamin E. Moisturizes, repairs and protects the skin from chemical and sunburn.

  9. Mosquito Repellent: just spray on the skin before you sleep and it will repel mosquitoes for up to 8 hours.

  10. Moisturizing Hand Cream: Well scented, softens and sanitizes the hand.

  11. Antidandruff shampoo: rich in white tea and ZPT anti-dandruff ingredient.

  12. 2-in-1 Shampoo and conditioner: grows your hair, thickens the strands, clears dandruff. Perfect for natural hair.

  13. Wine/Vintage Liquor: I call it sophisticated Agbo. Boosts immunity, increases libido, relieves tummy issues, helps you sleep better at night.

  14. Cordyceps militaris: boosts immunity, clears respiratory problem, protects kidney and liver.

  15. Arthro SupReviver: Lubricates joints, suitable for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

  16. Iron-Zinc-Calcium: helps with teeth problems, increases bone strength, helps digestion, increases immunity.

  17. Natural Vitamin C: Best for cold and sores.

  18. Mengqian for women: Anti-aging, hormonal balance, clears spots on the skin.

  19. Libao for men: Increases libido, sperm count, and strength. Prevents from prostate issues

  20. Berry oil: All-round multivitamin. Glows the skin, relieves ulcer, helps digestion, Good for the eye, rich in essential oils including cod liver and omega oils.

  21. Green tea: detoxifies, boosts immunity, prevents malaria and typhoid, helps with constipation.

  22. Brown tea: Reduces blood cholesterol and burns tummy fat.

  23. Slimming tea

  24. Cordyceps coffee: For strength, daily immune boost and overall protection, keeps you alert.

  25. Fujian/Pi Cup: Purifies water, removes acidity from water and system, clears bad blood and toxins, clears the effects of smoke and alcohol in the system, clears blood cholesterol and body fat.

  26. NutriVrich Blue: meal replacement smoothie for boosting immunity. Also suitable for those with ulcer and indigestion.

  27. Energy Pot: made from high grade Stainless Steel, eliminates the risk of food poisoning by aluminium pots, keeps your food fresh, retains the original tastes and nutrients.

  28. Energy shoes: first human power bank, balances posture, aligns stamina, gives life to cells, tissues and organs. Treats lumbar and cervical spondylosis.

  29. Baby fruit oil moisturizing lotion: Rich in corn germ oil and Shea butter

  30. Baby fruit oil moisturizing body wash and shampoo: Mild and fresh. Perfect for locking in moisture after bath

  31. Baby Prickly heat powder: also rich in corn germ oil, sunflower seed oil and zinc oxide. Learn more!

To Register!

And once you come on board, you will have access to the bonus.

They are
1. Free e-books for your businesses including list building,
2. Free Hardcopy book(How to build a solid team) limited copies, hurry now!
3. Free Digital graphics design and video training and marketing
4. Enrollment to globe takers business school where you will get the knowledge you need in this business. etc.

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